Gruppy. A groupware written in Python.

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About Gruppy

Some comments:

  • This project was created on 2002-05-10
  • The aims is to write a groupware solution using Python
  • It needs other components to work, like Webware for Python and a database system
  • Initially it will be highly experimental to test concepts like Model-View-Controller, Dynamic data and Workflow models, template system abstraction, user interface abstraction, multithreaded access to the model, perhaps an observer framework (like triggers for relational DBMS), Object-Relational mappers, etc.
  • This will be mid-term project, so don't expect something useful within one year of the project
  • It will be multilingual by design
  • Our initial reference is Tutos
  • We think that Python solutions are much more productive and leight-weight than EJB solutions

If you are interested in participating in this project, please let me know.

Ernesto Revilla

Last News:
We have a new website. Still a lot of things are work in progress.
The Sourceforge project is respawned!
The project is started

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